Friday, July 2, 2021

 🔴Optimal Treatment for Trigger Points🔴
What is a trigger point?
Any trauma to the tissue or body creates inflammation. Inflammation in turn, activates the body's pain receptors(nocioceptors) and intitiates a protective mechanism/response. Whereby increasing tension within the muscle or causing spasm. As a result of the spasm, adhesions (knots) begin to form in the soft tissue. These adhesion forms a weak, inelastic matrix, that decreases the normal elasticity of the soft tissue. This leads to altered length-tension relationships, altered force couple relationships and altered joint motion creating pain.

What do you do?
Ice the region/area for 3 days. Then apply heat, and stretch the area, Ie. Upper trapezius which is a common area where they form. Then use a tennis ball or something comparable and perform self myofascial release to the area(see picture below). The key to eliminating trigger points is consistently stretching, getting up every 1-2 hrs from sitting, strengthen the posterior chain(rhomboids, low traps, external rotators)

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